We're Going Nuts
We're Going Nuts

We're Going Nuts

Things are getting nutty at Full Circle Home and we need to talk about coconut and walnut. 

No, we’re not planning on selling coconut and walnut banana bread (although that does sound delicious…) but we are going to use coconut and walnut to clean up after baking. As tasty as these two ingredients are, we’re more interested in some of their... less delicious applications. 

Walnuts may look like little brains, and it’s clear that they’ve got cleaning on their mind. Their shells provide natural scouring power that’s effective—yet gentle. Better yet, they’re making use of something that would have gone to waste otherwise! 

They’ll be your brainy sidekicks as you tackle dishes with the Neat Nut Scour Pads (which are made with another eco-conscious ingredient: recycled plastic!). 

If you’ve spilled some vanilla (banana bread, remember?) and need something a little more absorbent, In A Nutshell can clean your countertop or stovetop in no time at all. In addition to walnut shells and recycled plastic, it also contains absorbent, natural cellulose.  

It rarely feels like cleaning up is a trip to the beach and while we can’t provide the sunshine or the sand, we can make tidying up a little more tropical. 

Coconut husks work just like walnut shells. They provide natural scrubbing power and make use of an earth-friendly material that typically goes to waste. However, unlike walnut shells, the coconut also provides an intoxicating coconut-y smell. When was the last time scrubbing up smelled so good? 

Just as we’ve done with walnut, we’ve also incorporated coconut into our Beachy Clean Scour Pads. The plant scrubbing power of coconut husk is combined with recycled plastic to tackle the toughest jobs—while simultaneously getting The Piña Colada Song stuck in your head. 

Speaking of that song, our Cleaña Colada Scrubbing Sponges are another take on a tidy, Tahiti-inspired kitchen. They’re for the stubborn messes and also contain absorbent plant cellulose for a scour-sponge combo. You can even see the husks of the coconut, so you know that this is one heavy-duty scrubber.

If you’re a nut about cleaning (but are unfortunately allergic to them), don’t worry about any reactions. Also, no fear of toxic sponge chemicals (triclosan) because ours are free of that, too.

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